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I added two teaser out of our actual Australia movie, which are now accessable within the Member Area.

New England

New England LighthouseAgain it has been a while since I've updated these pages here. It is not that I really would neglect them! But they were originally intended to write about my video cutting experiences and not as it might appear as a platform to publish information in general.

This year I bought a Macbook Pro and I'm now keen to finally switch over with my video cutting to it. First few tries working with it were very encouraging and recording my recently recorded material from a trip to New England went smooth and issue less like never before. And soon with the earlier evenings during winter time I will finally start over authoring, cutting and rendering the video material from either our last Australia trip in 2007 as also the new and recent recorded stuff from the New England area.

As a goody and for the reason these pages not finally getting boring, I've uploaded them at least the pictures we have taken during our trip to New England during the last four weeks. You can find and hopefully enjoy them by following the link below the image of the lighthouse here. :-)

Curiosity or Coincidence?

Howard Pattinson, Tide Rip Tours Ltd. Right now, directly standing in front of a longer trip, I feel somewhat flatout. This is certainly forced by a lot of "late time" task preparing things and a longer series of "working" weekends during I was trying to finishing customer projects right in time before leaving.

So I guess it was somewhat naturally and forseen, about  me yesterday ending in front of the TV trying to relax?! Now I'm not really a person able to follow some boring and trivial tv soap, always feeling the need to keep my brain busy, I ended up following a report on Animal Planet about wildlife at western Canada..

Over Orcas, Grizzly Bears and other wildlife stories my interest was given. And right when I started to think, that the shown area looks somewhat familiar the TV crew interviewed a guy with name Howard Pattinson (Tide Rip Tours Ltd).

A guy I had spend a wonderful days together in summer 2002, being out in Canadas' wilderness doing a very special bear watching trip. You might understand, that I felt somewhat special about seeing this on TV, by knowing at the same time that I know this guy out of real life.

Now not sure about, whether this was that just a curiosity of life, another coincidence or perhaps a promise about new exiting things and persons I will discover during my next trip, I really get excited about heading off soon.

For the rest of the story, about Howard and our trip together chasing bears, please visit my other pages at WAT.

See you again after my trip!

Being lazy?!
I have to confess that I was a bit lazy lately in updating and posting on this site here ... just I have a good excuse for that!!

World Aventure ToursMeanwhile I have created a new portal site World Adventure Tours (WAT) together with my friend Wilf. The new site is intended as an open to join community portal  being powered by inspiration and the passion of travelling. Subscribers will become part of the new community of travelling and adventure enthusiasts, and with their registration get the key to more in depth information and access to a growing number of articles on a whole host of subjects.

WAT would like to hear from you if you have something interesting to say about your travelling and adventures experiences. What gives you a thrill, is it difficult to do? What is your next adventure to go for? How do you plan and prepare your trips?

Articles about all aspects of travelling, vacations, tips and hints and for sure the exciting things you did are welcome. As a guide articles should be between 500 and 1000 words with 3 to 6 images to illustrate.

WAT also want to hear from you if you plan your adventure activities all yourself or if you participated on guided tours and how you found them, write and let us know about your experience. 


We had visitors over lately

I know that I'm a little bit late on that. But I'm the only one having the feeling that time is running actually? I have so much things keeping me busy and I would like to do, but I always have the feeling that I'm short with time and have to hurry with all.

During late summer we had lovely visitors over - our friends from OZ. We had a great time showing them the "Old World's Attractions" here. Just unfortunately the two weeks with them did pass far way too quick for sure.

At least we do now have a lot of things we did together we can remember and a lot of pics taken during this time to enjoy them again and again. I have selected a few of them to share here and in case you like look for them here.

And another few pic from a short trip to a little treasure to relax, calm down and enjoy tranquility  of a very special place you can enjoy here. We did spend a week their with our lovely friends Jochen and Anke shortly after Rod, Sandra and Rhys had left us again.

And last but not least we had a great weekend with Wilf & GuiGui our friend living in France. There is just one thing and I'm really sorry to say .... I did forget to take pictures about that and will have to beg Wilf for a few nice to share. The good news on that is, that they will be anyway better than mine ;-)


Australia Movie

Our actual production is a movie about our trip to OZ

To not always speak about vacation trips here, I thought I should tell you that Lohmar Studios is actually for sure going on with another production.

Since we returned from OZ a little bit over a half year has passed by now and in between we processed the recorded movie material from this trip. Actually the main movie is now finished and we are about to add the final credential.

It was a lot of fun processing this material which was recorded during a fabulous time we had together with our Australian friends down there, as for all the good feelings and fun we had together during this time came back. We smiled about the same things again and remembered all the nice moments we had togehter with our friends again and again and it is for sure a "must" for us to go back to there soon to catch up with them all in person again.

Now after the main part is done and the major movie is ready for viewing we are looking forward to finally author the Master DVD to then be able to surprise our friends with a personal copy of it later on, by feeling very keen to hear about their feedback soon.

Ok :-| ... now by announcing that they will get a copy of the movie - which I think about was sure right from the beginning - the surprise for them will for sure not be that big. But at the end I was more speaking about the content of the DVD which will for sure be a surprise for them.

When we then have their feedback about, we will for sure go and post a teaser here on the internal pages for you being able to get your own little taste about also.


ps: In between all work is done and the final DVD is ready and shipped to our friends. For those of you being members of this site here - there are now also two new teasers for you to enjoy.



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